Environmentally friendly

Our articles are free of restricted substances since they are made from Lefarc leather's the most ecological tannery in Mexico just in 2020 they implement a new technology that allows them to reduce water use by 30% , they only use products and processes that are friendly to the environment and the human body, 66% of all their waste is recycled, they tan the equivalent of 1000 reces a day preventing them from being sent to landfills and their processes are being evaluated by strict quality controls.

Facts: Leather products reduce waste of the food industry. The leather industry recycles around 270 million beef hides, or 7.3 tons per year. Otherwise, this would all be wasteful material. The leather is recyclable and biodegradable. Being sustainable starts with the use of products that can guarantee its longevity. Likewise, the leather is rich in carbon, nitrogen and oxygen; three items that bacteria eat. The skin degrades between 10 and 50 years since is biodegradable.