This is an exclusive design hand-painted bag, in collaboration with Montserrat of the brand Madame Montzua there is only one piece and there will be no more pieces, so when you buy this bag you will be the only owner of a bag with this design.


Madame montzua It is a local brand of handmade creations and unique pieces perfectly imperfect for you. She gives new purpose to Fashion pieces and she loves to Collaborate with many creative minds.

We can describe this collaboration by Kirey Peralta and Madame Montzua, with this few words: "Their art is the art of creating with love ❤️".


The name of this bag is Macu and is inspired by Eulalia Guzmán Teacher, historian and the first Mexican archaeologist she was born in Zacatecas in 1890, began to make explorations at age 23, later was appointed head of the Department of Archeology of the National Museum, which led her to be commissioned by the SEP to find In Europe information related to pre-Hispanic Mexico, she visited archives and libraries in London, Brussels, Berlin and the Vatican, obtaining countless and very valuable discoveries that greatly enriched the collections of our country. This led to lectures in Cairo, Copenhagen, Geneva and other parts of the world.


Care recommendations:

Kirey Peralta pieces are handcrafted with very fine and delicate materials, so it is suggested to:

1. Avoid contact with water or substances containing chemicals (perfumes, creams or sprays).

2. Do not wash.

3. Clean with a soft cloth or flannel when is necessary, (avoid de painted area).

Eulalia Snake

SKU: 0010
Color: White
  • Material 100% leather, small bag with wooden frame surrounding the bag, inside it has a zipper and an additional small pocket.

    Bag dimensions: 7 "high x 7" long and 2.5 "wide

    Wood frame measures: 9 "long x 9" high and 1 "wide

    Nylon inner lining

    Closes with magnet button

    Leather strap with variable size from 40 "to 50" approximately

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