These are unique and exclusive purses since only a few pieces of each design are made, we choose a different color and texture for each production and never make more than 10 pieces per design.


Kirey Peralta have chosen a diferent name for every design in our brand, all of them are inspired by different important Mexican women in history. The name of this bag is Macu and is inspired by Macuilxochitzin, a poet woman from Tenochtitlan, apparently Macuilxochitzin was the daughter of the celebrated Tlacaélel, adviser of the supreme rulers. She was born in 1435 probably in Tenochtitlan. There is a composition in which she describes one of the last battles and conquests led by her father towards Matlatzinca territory. Macuilxochitzin gives life in a song to the decisive action of a group of Otomíes women that with their cries saved the life of Tílatl, the captain Otomí wounded a sovereign Mexica. 


Care recommendations:

Kirey Peralta pieces are handcrafted with very fine materials, so it is suggested to:

1. Avoid contact with substances containing cleaning chemicals like bleach, alcohol or sprays.

2. Do not wash or dry.

3. Clean with a soft cloth or flannel when necessary.


Our products may have stems or marks that are natural properties of the leather.


Mini Macu

Color: Black

    Material 100% leather, Small bag with chain, closes with a strap. This is a mini purse style.

    Bag dimensions: 4.5 "high x 4.5" long and 2.5 "wideChain Strap: 44 " 

  • We ship from San Diego, California and Tijuana Baja California MX. Shipments are made from Monday through Friday except for holidays.  We have a 7 to 10 days shipping policy.

    Once the order is completed you will receive an email with a confirmation message and your tracking number so you can check the shipping status at the courier’s website.