Nahui is one of our favorites for its versatility. You can use it to travel light for any business trip, wear it to work with your laptop and documents or to carry all of your baby stuff every day. This bag is going to take care of your needs in a very organized way with all the compartments and space it has, and the best is that the strap is really confortable so the weight you carry in your new bag doesn't bother you at all.


Kirey Peralta chosed a diferent name for every design, all of them are inspired in diferent important Mexican women on the history.

Nahui is inspired by Nahui Ollin Carmen Mondragón, known has Nahui Ollin, muse, painter and poet, born in 1893 in México City, at the age of 10 wrote her diary “I am a flame that devours itself and you cannot turned off”, she got married at the age of 20 with the painter Manuel Rodriguez which she divorced, then she was distinguished for her interest in literature, her paintings, her temperament and volcanic sexuality, friend of Siqueiros, Kahlo, Rivera and Modotti, she met the famous Dr. Atl , which was her lover and named her Nahui Ollin, which is the date of the Aztec calendar when the cosmos are renewed. She was a muse of various painters, she posed for Diego Rivera in a variety of murals and was the muse of a well-known photographer Edward Weston and Antonio Garduño. Nahui Ollin was a femme fatal, pioneer of the miniskirt, with her European mentality and huge charm she broke the rules and challenged morality.


100% leather


Care recommendations:

Kirey Peralta pieces are handcrafted with very fine leather, so it is suggested to:

1. Avoid contact with substances containing strong chemicals.

2. Do not wash.

3. Clean with a soft cloth or flannel when is necessary.


SKU: 0003
  • Characteristics:

    100% leather, big bag/purse with short handle and strap with exterior zipper pockets, purse closes with a zipper. Inside the bag there´s 1 zipper pocket and 2 compartments also 2 pockets on the side. Closes with a zipper and has an engraved wood plaque at the front.


    Measures: 12.5” height x 10.5” long and 6.5” wide

    Strap: 53”

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